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Experience Brand Thinking is an immersive workshop series designed by moi :) for entrepreneurs to learn design and brand thinking skills. With a focus on empowering early-stage startups to embrace a human-centered design approach in developing their brands, and techniques to identify trends, generate insights, develop their unique value proposition to create a differentiated space in the market place.

I want to help founders think about their brand experiences in a more holistic way. Brands are ideas that we create to connect with the consumers, to sell our products and services. So, it is critical to think about brands from the customer’s perspective and understand their needs and wants.

Through Experience Brand Thinking workshops, I intend to share cutting-edge techniques derived from
the latest in design research, innovation strategy, branding and marketing, for a fresh perspective on
building purposeful brands.


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Beta-testing the first workshop

At the Camp exhibit at Met Museum, New York City.

Held in partnership with Spinster it was an invite-only beta. #ExperienceBrandThinking workshop was held at the MET’s Camp exhibit during its closing weekend. Eight entrepreneurs from Spinster’s community at various stages
of their startup build were invited to the exhibit. Here, the founders worked as a group to identify what resonated with them, and how the exhibit could be more user-friendly based on their own experiences, and how to apply their learnings into their own startup brands.

Participants synthesizing their themes from their experiences.

Participants synthesizing their themes from their experiences.

photo credits: Mark Spaeth